Thermal Power Generation

What more can power do than light up houses? It can brighten futures, not just of individuals but of communities at large thereby creating a growth story, ramifying throughout the country, one smile at a time. India’s nationalised enterprises have struggled to meet the rising energy demands chocking dreams to darkness. Estimates suggest that by 2020, the private sector will account for 40% of the electricity generated and with Adani as the largest thermal private power player on a mission to help India become self-reliant in power generation, we are positive of seeing various possibilities and dreams come true.

Adani's thermal power portfolio comprises 10,440 MW across four plants at Mundra, Tiroda, Kawai and Udupi. This makes the company India’s largest private sector power player. The power generated here is witnessing businesses grow, literacy rise and livelihood flourish.

For the world’s first company capable to set up a coal-based super critical thermal power project registered under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of Kyoto protocol, this is just the beginning in the continuing journey of goodness.

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At a glance


IntroducedSupercritical technology in India


100%Flyash utilization at Mundra power plant


World’s firstCoal based super-critical thermal power project registered under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol

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