Renewable Energy

An environment, free from carbon emissions, an environment where every child can grow up breathing pollution-free air - that is the environment we dream to create and have to a certain extent managed to enrich lives with our renewable energy plants.

Adani Renewables (Adani Green Energy Limited) is one of the largest renewable energy companies in India, with a pioneering effort to help India’s transition to renewable power generation. We develop, build, own, operate and maintain utility scale grid connected solar and wind projects.

The electricity produced is supplied to central and state government entities and government backed corporations. With a mission to reach a renewable power generation capacity of 10 GW by 2022, Adani Green Energy is contributing substantially in narrating India’s goodness story.

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At a glance


10 GWPower Generation Capacity by 2022


648 MWWorld’s largest single location solar power project at the time of setting up


100 MWIndia’s largest single-location HSAT based solar power project

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